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Welcome to the Elly Awards

Have you or someone on your training team excelled at finding innovative solutions? We’re seeking nominees for CUNA ELLy Awards – presented annually at CUNA Experience Learning Live! (ELL!). The awards recognize innovative and unique initiatives of take-charge trainers across the nation who are the driving force behind the credit union movement's progress.


Experience Learning Live! is an annual event for trainers to learn from industry experts and to be recognized by their peers nationally. It’s being held this year in San Antonio, Oct. 16-18. For the full schedule and registration, check out cuna.org/ell.


CUNA ELLy Awards are your opportunity to showcase your dynamic training styles and ideas that move your credit union forward. Get the recognition your professional development program deserves.


The Details

There is a $125 fee for applying for the ELLy awards*. This will be invoiced to the credit union after the submission close date, Aug. 7.

Applications for which the fee is not paid in a timely manner will not be considered in the judging.


If you submitted an ELLy award application last year, you can use your previous credentials on the left hand side of the screen

If you have not submitted an ELLy award application before, select "My account" on the left then on the next page you will enter your information under "Create a New Account" to submit your application.

If you are having trouble getting the application to load, please click this link


*The $125 fee is per award applied for.  If your credit union applies for two awards, the charge would be $250.00


Award Categories

Innovation in Learning Award (previously WOW award)

The Innovation in Learning Award is open to any organization that can demonstrate that they have made a unique and innovative contribution to the delivery of learning. This award is presented to the credit union with the most innovative training program or event- one that inspires learning, teaches skills that go beyond the classroom and leaves participants empowered. 

Strong candidates for this award have: 

·         Created a single training event (for example: annual all staff training) or an entire curriculum (for example: new employee orientation) that energizes, empowers, and excites participants. 

·         Led an experiential training program or event that has had a measurable effect on the organizational culture. 


Training Professional(s) of the Year Award 

This award honors exceptional achievements in performance and learning by a credit union training professional or department. 

Strong candidates for this award have: 

·         Made significant impact or has taken an innovative approach to the learning and development of staff. 

·         Cultivated a highly productive and engaged training participants. 

·         Documented increased training success as a result of their contributions. 


Digital Learning Award (previously eLearning Award)

The Digital Learning Transformation Award is presented to an organization that has transformed its training by using digital learning tools as either the delivery method or using digital tools in conducting in person training. The credit union will show how technology-based training was incorporated and how it enhanced their credit union training programs.

Strong candidates for this award have: 

·         Embraced technology as part of the credit union’s learning culture. 

·         Successfully incorporated digital learning into staff training and credit union culture. 

·         Documented exceptional results related to increased technology. 


People Development Program of the Year

The People Development Program of the Year Award is presented to a credit union that has implemented an inclusive and progressive People Development Program for their employees that shows demonstrable business impact and performance improvement for the organization

Strong Candidates for this award have:

·         Created a training program or curriculum that develops, energizes, empowers, and allows staff to grow within the credit union. 

·         Has documented positive evaluation measurements for their people development  training as well as a positive increase in employee promotions.